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Which Satellite TV, Digital Cable Televison, High-Speed Internet, Telephone or Home Security Services Are Best For You?

Not too long ago consumers had very limited choices in the services available for the home. Today the numbers of providers for the four main services (television programming, broadband internet, telephone and home security) are many.
Television programming is what spurred it all! "Yesterday" there was only one choice for receiving paid television programming service and that was from a cable television company like Comcast, Time Warner Cable®. Cox Communications or Charter, for instance. That all changed in 1994 when DIRECTV launched digital satellite television. Dish Network also launched small dish satellite TV service shortly after that. These two providers added far more programming channels than their cable television competitors of the time and gave us all more choices.

The outcome of this competitive battle between satellite TV and cable companies has created many benefits for all home services. The cable companies have been forced to improve their services in order to compete with DIRECTV and Dish Network, which have included adding more than just equal or better television programming (e.g., bundled television, high speed internet and telephone). Add to that the competition between DIRECTV and Dish Network for the market share of satellite TV subscribers, and the technology improvements like digital video recording (DVR) and High Definition Television (HDTV), have been even further advanced.

In the most recent years even the traditional telephone companies have entered the paid television programming and bundled home services market. Verizon launched FiOS® in 2004 and is the first company to deliver television programming (and other services) by means of fiber optics all the way to the house! AT&T followed and is now offering television programming as part of their U-verse fiber optic service.

Today, these cable, satellite and telephone providers offer pretty much the same televison programming. Sure their channel capacity claims differ, but the fact is the programming is pretty much the same for each. They also each offer additional services like Digital Video Recording (DVR), On Demand Movies and Pay-Per-View Movies, for instance.

One thing separating the cable and telephone companies from the satellite tv providers today is how bundled services are delivered. With their hard-wired networks that connect straight to the home, cable and telephone companies have added broadband Internet and telephone services, making the triple play bundle a very affordable choice for many:

While the satellite tv providers (DIRECTV and Dish Network) also offer some levels of bundled services, those additional services (high speed internet and telephone) are not carried over the satellite tv network, but rather are typically partner deals with other broadband internet or telephone providers. For instance, DIRECTV and AT&T have partnered to provide a "bundled service" triple play.

American Satellite & Entertainment, Inc is bringing this web site and information to you. Our history goes back to 1995 at which time we pioneered selling DIRECTV service online. Over the following decade we lead the market introduction of additional home services like digital video recording, DSL, high speed internet, telephone service, and most recently home security. We have helped millions of Americans understand their options and today we hope you find the information contained throughout this web site helpful in the same.

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