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Pay Per View Movies and Events

Feature films, big events, a wide array of family programming and the most anticipated concerts of the year. DIRECTV® Pay Per View brings you the events you want to see. And with frequent movie start times, DIRECT TV makes it easy for you to plan your entertainment around your life — not the other way around.

Ordering pay per view movies and events is simple. Pay per view movie options begin at Channel 125 and event options begin at Channel 117. You can order by remote control, or make your selections online. An order assistance fee of $5 applies to all pay per view phone-in orders.

On DIRECTV™ Magazine is the official guide to DIRECT TV satellite TV programming, it provides daily programming information and takes you behind-the-scenes with in-depth celebrity interviews.

DIRECTV® Pay Per View
Order the best selection of films straight into your home each week with your remote control by selecting a movie on channel 125 and up on your on-screen channel guide
each movie*

Ever wish you could watch that movie or event over again? Now you can when you order an All Day Ticket movie or event. Pay just once and watch your selection any time during the broadcast day, from 6 a.m. to 5:59 a.m. (ET).

Great concerts and special event programming are provided FREE of charge to all DIRECT TV CHOICE customers, every weekend on Channel 124.

The DIRECTV satellite TV System has a feature allowing you to block programming deemed unsuitable for younger viewers. Blackout restrictions apply.
* To order pay per view by remote, a DIRECT TV subscription is required and all DIRECTV Receivers must be continuously connected to the same land-based phone line. There is an additional $1.50 charge when pay per view events and movies are ordered by phone utilizing the automated ordering system or an additional $5 charge if an operator-assisted order. Pay per view movie and event purchase price is nonrefundable.

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